Larrry and Janet Colfer outside their home on the Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle, London

As part of Southwark Council’s plans to redevelop Elephant and Castle, London, Larry and Janet Colfer are forced to leave the home they have lived in for over 30 years on the Heygate Estate.

The estate holds many memories for them: Larry, a former builder, was involved in its construction. The Colfers were among the first families to move to the Heygate, and together they raised a family of five children there. Now it is just the two of them and Lady, their golden retriever.

Larry and Janet are leaving a ghost town of empty, boarded up houses and flats. Moving out, leaving the memories behind, is stressful, difficult and emotional. Only a wicked sense of humour and their obvious love and affection for each other is getting them through it.

A collaboration between filmmakers David Reeve and Patrick Steel, this observational film focuses on the impact of the Heygate redevelopment on residents of the estate, dispelling some myths about the nature of life on the estate, and reflecting wider issues around the decrease in social housing and the impact of urban redevelopment on low income households.

Running time: 32 minutes

Directed by David Reeve and Patrick Steel
Original music by Joe Donohoe
Sound design by Jerry Jobson

(c) King Chain Productions and Fat Toad Films (2015)